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Our Story

During the summer of 2013, an accidental chance encounter brought Rupak and Norman together at UC San Diego. In addition to being coworking scientists, the pair worked on a commercially successful startup together, while still at university. The duo then went off on their own career paths, only to team up once again to start OmniSync, through a unique opportunity presented by San Diego VC-backed Startup Studio, Launch Factory. Given their personal backgrounds and passion for solving complex problems, the pair envision OmniSync to be the worldwide central hub, where entities facing difficult problems, such as governments, meet innovation-driven nontraditional solution providers, such as tech and life science startups.

Our Mission

We equip the next generation of innovators & pioneers with an online ecosystem of knowledge, capital, and human resources to help them realize their vision, accomplish their goals, and create a better world.


Meet the team members behind the scene

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Rupak Doshi, Ph.D.


Rupak has over 15 years of experience across startups, industry, and academia, with a Ph.D. from the University of Cambridge, postdoc research on transporter proteins, biofuels and antibody discovery, and preclinical development of biologics at InhibRx.

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Norman Huang, Ph.D.


Norman is a bioengineer, with experience across startups and academia. A Ph.D. from UC San Diego, he has over 7 years of research experience at the interface of biology, hardware engineering, and machine learning.

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Vitaliy Lee

Quality Engineer

Vitaliy is a Quality Engineer with over 15 years of experience in the industry. He makes sure our users go through an easy-to-use and quality product.

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Rachael Melton-Kreft

Senior Grants and Contracts Specialist

Rachael has over 20 years of experience within biotech startups, industry, and academia with dual degrees in biochemistry and nursing. Her passion lies in supporting innovative products translate from the bench to the bedside. Prior to joining Omnisync, she used her experience to help organizations obtain millions of dollars in non-dilutive funding to support R&D efforts.

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Aryan Ziyar

Software Developer

After graduating with a computer science degree from UCSD, Aryan joined OmniSync as a software developer.

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Vishaka Shivaram

Project Manager

Vishaka Shivaram is an experienced Project Manager with a Master's degree in management from UCSD. She helps drive the product roadmap and project execution at OmniSync Inc. She enjoys challenges and uses her knowledge to drive innovation and process improvements for the team.

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Caroline Arzoo

Business Development Associate

Caroline is a passionate connector of people. A graduate of UC Santa Barbara’s Technology Management Program, Caroline’s experiences in the startup ecosystem drive her to support entrepreneurs at every turn. Caroline looks to empower innovators and their partners to achieve their leading goals.

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Ivan D Ortiz S

Customer Success Specialist

Ivan is an aspiring entrepreneur with a versatile set of skills. A bachelor’s in marketing: integrated communication marketing and a minor in entrepreneurship. Experience and skill set range from research, consulting, and retail and leadership. Team member of the business development team focusing on mass scaling TurboSBIR through strategic partnerships.

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Alvaro Ortiz

Sales Representative

Alvaro is the Sales Associate with a background in STEM as a graduate from UC San Diego. He strives to ensure that potential clients are confident that Omnisync offers the level of support they need.

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Karen Flagg

Social Media Manager

Karen Flagg is a passionate entrepreneur with real world experience gained through incubators, traditional education, mentors, and personal “successful failures”. She believes in being bold, taking risks, and storytelling in an aesthetic, design forward way. Karen joined OmniSync as their Social Media Manager to trail-blaze the way social media is shared throughout the grant consultancy industry.

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Tyler Dendy

Account Executive

Tyler is an Account Executive at Omnisync. His primary responsibilities include leading exploratory calls with new customers, teaching existing clients how to use the software, and assisting clients with the submission of their grants to the various government agencies. Prior to joining Omnisync, he brings several years of experience as a teacher and marketing consultant.

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Michael Bane

Software Developer

Michael joined OmniSync as a software developer in 2022. His responsibilities include building new front-end features, maintaining existing functionality, and fixing bugs.

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Gokul Rasmi

Software Developer

Gokul graduated UC San Diego with Computer Science major. He has over 3 years of experience in full-stack web development, while also exploring other areas such as machine learning and data science.

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Audrey Li

UI/UX Designer

Audrey is a UI/UX Designer at Omnisync, with a Bachelor's degree in Cognitive Science from UCSD. She is responsible for designing prototypes and user flows of application features, making sure users will have a positive impression when interacting with Omnisync's products.

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Mark Bussard

Software Developer

Mark graduated UC San Diego with Computer Science major. His responsibilities include developing visually appealing features on the front end, as well as the necessary functionality to support the website on the back end.

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Jenny Lee

Software Developer

Jenny graduated UC San Diego with Computer Science major. Her responsibilites include the front-end development of the landing website as well as the necessary functionality to support the website on the back end.


Meet our new generation

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Maddison U Walsh

Educational Content Writer (contractor)

Maddison is a second-year Economics major at UC San Diego. Her role within Omnisync is hiring and company operations. She assists in the operations of the marketing and sales departments. additionally, she focuses on company wellness and training.


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Brad Chisum

Brad is the former CEO and co-founder of Lumedyne Technologies, a MEMS Inertial Sensor company acquired by Google.

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James Hereford

James previously served as the Chief of Staff for the Technology Engineering division of Google’s Hardware Product Area.

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Arthur Levy

Arthur Levy is the SVP, Head of M&A and New Initiatives at Brex. Partnerships led include Apple, Carta, YC, AWS, RocketLawyer, JetBlue, NetSuite, Slack, Gusto, Dropbox, The Points Guy.

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Kimberly Davis King

Kim was a General Partner with IDG Ventures from 1997 to 2006. She played an active role in managing and investing over 9 years a $120 million captive fund.

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Alan Gardner

Alan Gardner was the Co-Founder and CEO of Behavio (acquired by Google) and worked at Google as an Snr. Software Engineer for almost 5 years, before becoming a serial entrepreneur.

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Andy Ballester

Andy Ballester is a co-founder of GoFundMe, the world’s largest online fundraising platform, and a technology mentor and advisor.

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EvoNexus is the top accelerator for tech and life science startups in California that has incubated 240+ startups with an 85% fundraising success rate.

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Capital Factory

Capital Factory is the center of gravity for entrepreneurs in Texas, one of the most active states in the country for defense-related innovations. According to Pitchbook, Capital Factory has been the most active investor in Texas since 2013, with privileged access to thousands of startups, mentors, active DoD personnel, and investors.

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SBIR Advisors

SBIR Advisors is a premier DoD-specific consulting firm, formed by former and currently transitioning Air Force and NASA contracting officers, specializing in assisting small businesses accessing the DoD and NASA SBIR/STTR Stratfi/Tacfi and other large contracting vehicles.

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