Mission & Vision

OmniSync Inc. aims to shepherd technology startups and small businesses through the pains of business management, operational execution, and growth, thereby becoming an essential business arm of its client companies.

The Problem

Startups & newer small businesses find many of the business aspects of running a company, such as (dilutive and non-dilutive) fundraising, corporate setup, intellectual property management, and financial health reporting, difficult and overwhelming. This is largely due to their lack of experience, connections, and the time that Founders can commit to educating themselves on various strategies involved. The resulting situation is one where Founders are distracted from the actual business itself, leading to poorer execution and lingering frustration.

Our Solution

OmniSync will offer an easy-to-use application that helps technology startups and small businesses become more attractive for financing, including investments and loans. This application will streamline the management and execution of financing and corporate tasks including, but not limited to, non-dilutive fundraising, intellectual property management, financial health tracking & reporting, corporate setup and compliance, and back-office support.

Who we are

OmniSync spun out of the San Diego startup studio, Launch Factory in Sep 2019, with a secured pre-seed investment of $300,000. Founders, Dr. Rupak Doshi (CEO, Ph.D. in pharmacology from the University of Cambridge) and Dr. Norman Huang (COO, Ph.D. in bioengineering from UC San Diego) were selected from a nationwide search to lead OmniSync, and have over 15 years of combined experience in biotech industry and academia, including starting and managing companies. OmniSync also leverages advice from seasoned entrepreneurs, Brad Chisum (Founder of Lumedyne, acquired by Google), James Hereford (former chief of engineering staff at Google), and Mike Krenn (President of San Diego Venture Group and Connect).

Contact Us

Address: 3880 Murphy Canyon Rd #150, San Diego CA 92122

Phone: 858-264-6546

Email: info@omnisync.io