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About Omnisync Gov

OmniSync's team has over 50 years of combined government experience. We have worked with the DoD and other Federal agencies to solve and overcome many of the barriers and obstacles to help our customers, end users see results to be successful. We are end-user centric and have experience in requirements, acquisitions, innovation, software, and AI/LLM, with the talent to build any product you need.

Why are we involved with the government?

We want to empower leaders, change agents, intrapreneurs, innovators and doers to get things accomplished. Additionally, we want them to have access to first rate tools and technology, plus be part of an ecosystem that benefits them and our country. This leads to a stronger and better nation and world.

What are we hoping to accomplish?

Ease the burden of bureaucracy, cut red tape and streamline things for people to make life easier and better for the end user and everyone in the process.

A platform to find and fund innovation across America

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