COmpany updates

Our SBIR Feature was introduced to a packed focus room at BioLabs, San Diego

Feb 25, 2020

Several of OmniSync's value propositions of saving time and energy for startup founders were validated. Entrepreneurs trying to navigate the SBIR process by themselves are often left overwhelmed, confused, and burdened with paperwork. OmniSync streamlines the process to the click of a few buttons. You take care of the science; let the software handle the rest!

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OmniSync CEO Rupak Doshi will Introduce our SBIR Feature at BioLabs, San Diego on Feb 25, 2020

Feb 12, 2020

During this micro-talk with Rupak Doshi, CEO of OmniSync Incorporated, you will learn about a new hybrid approach where a combination of machine and human intelligence can be used to prepare a high-quality SBIR package with the least time, effort, and money spent. Read more. Register Here.

***Space is limited, to reserve your seat please e-mail,

OmniSync Partners with San Diego Tech Hub

January 15, 2020

OmniSync has partnered with San Diego Tech Hub to conduct a special workshop series. The goal of this workshop is to equip entrepreneurs (startup founders & small business owners) with concepts and a practical understanding of starting and running the first 2-3 years of their company’s.

Its free to attend and join this amazing community! Register here.

OmniSync Partners with LaunchBio

January 1, 2020

OmniSync partners with LaunchBio to provide the OmniSync Early Access Program to biotech startups in BioLabs, JLabs, and neighboring incubators within San Diego County.

OmniSync presents its offering at the San Diego Angel Conference (SDAC)-II

December 18, 2019

OmniSync applied and was invited to present its Early Access program at the San Diego Angel Conference (SDAC)-II celebration event organized by The Brink at University of San Diego.

Press Releases

Launch Factory, a startup studio based in San Diego is seeking entrepreneurs to join its upcoming recruitment process. Read more.

OmniSync gets some more Press coverage in this San Diego Union Tribune article on Launch Factory's two 2020 companies.

Ex-Googler’s startup studio is on the hunt for entrepreneurial recruits in San Diego

January 10, 2020

Ex-Google executive Brad Chisum, who created a foundry for startups in San Diego last year, is on the hunt for new recruits to lead his latest ventures.

Chisum is looking for four individuals to come in and lead two software startups. The companies will be incubating at Chisum’s studio, Launch Factory, and are both in the earliest stages of development (they’re mainly just concepts at this point). Read more.

San Diego's Launch Factory Takes a Turn Towards Biotech

August 28, 2019

The Launch Factory announced their first startup venture. Unlike a typical accelerator, the Launch Factory is sort of a “reverse” accelerator in that they come up with the startup idea and then search for entrepreneurs to execute the vision. It’s not a great model for most entrepreneurs, but it could be attractive for some. I didn’t expect to follow the Launch Factory as their first idea was to focus on administrative software for startups. But it turns out the initial venture will actually have a biotech focus. Read more.

Ex-Googler’s startup studio picks 2 San Diego scientists to lead first venture

August 24, 2019

Ex-Google executive Brad Chisum, who created a startup studio in San Diego earlier this year, has picked the first outsiders to join him in leading his debut tech company. After a rigorous six-week hunt, Chisum’s foundry — called Launch Factory — chose two local scientists to lead its first venture. The result is unexpected, considering Launch Factory’s focus is software, not science. Read more.

Ex-Googler launches startup studio in San Diego

June 3, 2019

A local entrepreneur who sold his last startup to Google for $85 million — and then joined the tech giant for two years — is launching a new startup studio in San Diego. Read more.