We build technology that's designed to empower all entrepreneurs - from startup founders to small business owners.

The OmniSync software platform seamlessly couples practical education with guided execution of a range of projects, like fundraising, intellectual property, finance, corporate setup, back-office operations, and more.

How OmniSync might be relevant for YOU

I am a startup founder OR


You are likely battling hard to balance your time spent on product development, customer acquisition/retention, and other business-related tasks, from fundraising to back-office G&A. OmniSync makes it easy for you to execute and manage projects such as SBIR grant applications, patent/trademark filings, financial pro forma, accounting/bookkeeping, taxes, compliance, HR, real estate and more. Whether you're unhappy with your current vendor(s), buried under paperwork, stuck in a problematic situation, or are just spending way too much time on things that are not directly related to your product, OmniSync is your answer!

I have an idea, and i'm thinking of starting a company

You are likely intimidated by all the stuff (that you may or may not know) that you’ll need to think about and execute on when you launch your startup or small business. Incorporation, bank account, credit cards, insurance, finances, intellectual property, funding for validation studies, just to name a few, are some of the things that you'll likely need to manage. OmniSync is your trusted virtual business partner throughout the process, from idea validation-to-commercialization success!

How Omnisync can helP

Here at OmniSync, we believe that you should figure stuff out while still getting the job done. That’s why we don't just educate you, because several great resources like blogs, books, webinars, advisers, incubators, accelerators, and consultants can help with that.

Instead, our software combines concise education with guided and customized execution of each project, with expert help provided as and when needed. You save time, resources, and money that is otherwise spent on 'figuring it out'. With OmniSync by your side, you can redirect the 'figuring out' to your core business, product, or technology.

As an OmniSync member, you will always be confidently on top of your game, without being taken away from what you love doing, and why you started your business!

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